About Realising DReAMS

Realising DReAMS (Development of Resources and Access to Municipal Services for South and Southeast Asian Local Authorities Project is a European Union funded initiative with project contract no. ASIE/2009/217461.

Realising DReAMS Project will introduce two tested tools:
- Environmental / Natural Resources Management System (ecoBUDGET
- Poverty Database Monitoring System (PDMS)

This 3-year project, which started on January 16, 2010 aims to:
  1. Support Local Authorities to achieve sustainability in their services and urban governance and assist in the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals 1 and 7
  2. Improve the capacity of the local authorities in environmental management and reduction of poverty 
  3. Build the capacity of non-state actors and local communities to support and monitor the actions undertaken by local authorities 
 Objectives of the Project:
  1. Increase awareness among politicians, decision-makers and general public on the local and regional environmental and socio-economic issues
  2. Capacity building
  3. Natural Resources Management
  4. Reduction of Poverty
Target Groups:
  1. Municipal/City officials and service providers
  2. Decision makers and administrators
  3. Non-state actors and local communities
  4. Poor and vulnerable groups
  5. Other neighboring municipalities/cities by sharing experiences and developments
The project is expected to bear the following results:

A. At Consortium Level:
  1. Partnership agreement
  2. Management progress reports
  3. Proceedings of initial and final conferences
  4. Project website, project newsletters, brochures
  5. Updated handbook on ecoBUDGET for Asian Local Authorities
  6. Final publication on PDMS
B. For Each Asian Local Authority
  1. Decision on ecoBUDGET adoption
  2. Adoption of PDMS software as support for ecoBUDGET
  3. Creation of local support network
  4. Implementation of ecoBUDGET cycle (Step 1-5)
  5. A roll-out strategy for the system transfer to other local governments within the country
  6. List of selected local governments with interest to adopt the system
Major Work Packages
  1. Project Preparation
  2. Events: project meetings, conferences, field and study visits
  3. Training and capacity building
  4. Activity related to PDMS 
  5. Activity related ecoBUDGET
  6. Linking ecoBUDGET & PDMS
  7. Regional support & international strategy
  8. Dissemination
  9. Monitoring and evaluation of the project
Project Partners

Project Beneficiary/Managing Partner – Bohol (Phils.)
Partner 1 - Guntur Municipal Corporation (India)
Partner 2 - Province  of Stung Treng (Cambodia)
Partner 3 - Thimphu City Corporation (Bhutan)
Partner 4 - City of Rajshahi (Bangladesh)
Partner 5 – City of Vaxjo (Sweden)
Partner 6 – City of Bologna (Italy)
Partner 7 - ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat
Partner 8 - ICLEI South Asia Secretariat
Partner 9 - ICLEI European Secretariat

Realising DReAMS Project Daily Log